The Dark Hours of Winter

Winter in Chinese medicine is the season of the Water element. The energies of Water are associated with divine love, spirituality, power and our potential in this lifetime.
The organ that represents the water element is the kidney. The adrenal glands because of their proximity to the kidneys are considered also part of this element. The adrenal cortex with its anti-inflammatory and water regulating properties represents kidney yin and the functions of the pituitary gland. The adrenal medulla represents Kidney Yang, helps cope with physical and emotional stress, giving the organism the necessary energy for its functions; it is associated with the thyroid gland.
In the Chakra System, the kidneys are housed in the second chakra. It’s through this chakra that we acknowledge the divinity in another.

Kidney energies also represent our inherited potential, our connection to the cosmos, as well as our concept of individual and divine love. They bind past present and future in us to the transcendent forces of the cosmos and the mysteries of creation and life.

Winter is an excellent time of year for deeper exploration. Starting a meditation practice can give us the opportunity to taper into the depths of the kidney energies, helping us move closer to the realization that we are one with God and all of creation.

I love the dark hours of my being
in which my senses drop into the deep.
I have found in them, as in old letters,
my private life, that is already lived through,
and become wide and powerful now, like legends.
Then I know that there is room in me
for a second huge and timeless life.

Rainer Maria Rilke

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