The Profound Language of Allergies

The change in seasons is a time of transition in nature as well as in our bodies. Fall is a time of contraction, guiding us inward and to reflection. It is also a good time of year to detoxify and let go of unhealthy habits and situations. In sensitive people this process of diving into deep waters can be accompanied by strong allergic reactions.
Sometimes in this inward journey it is discovered that due to the repression of feelings for the sake of preserving close relationships, fear and anger are stored. Our bodies then will express these emotions as intolerance to cold, heat, humidity, dust and other allergens.
When faced with an allergic reaction it is valuable to ask ourselves these questions: What is it that I’m rejecting about myself and others? What is so intolerable that it irritates me? What is it that I don’t want to feel? What situation am I afraid to confront? What situation do I find impossible to control?
In order to maintain a psycho/emotional balance the mind wisely protects itself by replacing painful issues with symptoms to less challenging external agents.
When addressing seasonal allergies it is therefore important to include inner experiences and look at how the individual integrates them into his life. Flower therapies consider that in these deep seated experiences resides the true nature of disease. They address the physical symptoms as well as the underlying emotional issue.

Bach Flower essences beneficial for seasonal allergies.

Beech This is the most important essence. An allergic reaction is considered also the manifestation of internal irritation. Righteousness and difficulty to compromise promote self-judgment and excessive criticism.
Crab Apple For cleansing and purifying. The tendency towards excessive order, cleanliness or perfection makes us look down on what doesn’t meet our expectations.
Cherry Plum For when there is a lack of control, manifesting as excessive sneezing or rashes.
Walnut When there is a high sensitivity to the environment, it protects and aides in adjusting to changes.
Willow Helpful for rhinitis and congestion and the feeling of having had it with a situation.
Essences are always chosen according to the presentation. This would be an excellent combination for acute cases, Beech, Crab Apple, Rescue Remedy, Holly and Cherry Plum.


Gabriela Arnold, Flower Essence Therapist