Herbal Solutions for Colds, Flu and Allergies

Botanicals are very effective in treating fall conditions without the undesirable side effects of antihistamines and antibiotics.

The drop in temperature, humidity and barometric pressure that announce the beginning of autumn are big stressor on our bodies. Fall is the most challenging season of the year for our immune system; it is very common to get sick during these months. People suffering from allergies also notice an aggravation of symptoms in autumn.

Antibiotics are particularly problematic because they not only affect our bodies, killing the beneficial flora in our guts; they also transform the entire ecosystem by altering the invisible microbial world all around us. The inordinate use of antibiotics in medicine and farming has created a perfect environment for the evolution of superbugs, with an increasing number of bacteria causing disease developing resistance. During a course of treatment not all organisms are killed, some survive and reproduce passing their genes to their offspring; creating a generation of stronger bacteria with each successive exchange of DNA. Bacteria resistance diseases claim the life of 700,000 people a year world wide today; 10 million will die by 2050.

Science, aware of this problem is turning to the natural world in search of solutions; more funds are allocated to studying the properties of plants today than in creating new antibiotics.

Herbal Solutions for Colds, Flu and Allergies

Plants may provide the new generation of drugs to solve this public health problem. They function like chemical factories; tied to the earth they have to constantly modify their own tissue to survive changes in soil, temperature and pests.

The 2015 Nobel Prize in Medicine was awarded to Dr Tu Youyou, for her discovery of Artemisin, an herbal substance that can treat drug resistant malaria. Dr Tu found this cure by researching ancient Chinese medicine texts and consulting with Chinese herbalist.

Chinese Medicine has undergone thousands of years of trial and error to create therapeutic formulas. Specific herbal combinations are very effective to treat allergies, colds and flu addressing specific symptom. Some herbs are used when there is a sore throat, different ones for headaches and fever. Certain formulas work very well taken at the beginning of the illness, different ones need to be prescribed once the symptoms are more severe.  Herbs can also act as natural antibiotics. The constitution of the patient is also taken into consideration, making sure the entire system is supported.

Herbal formulas are also very effective for asthma and coughs, without the side effects of harsher treatments.

An herbal approach to illness can help overcome allergies, colds and flu in a gentle effective manner.

Always consult a trained practitioner.


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